If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

I am 57 years old and have an almost phobia about dentists. Dr. Inaba and his team is the first dentist's office I have been to that I have no fear & feel comfortable coming to in all my years going to the dentist. — Anna L.

Thank you for the beautiful smile. I feel 20 years younger. You have given me a smile that I am so proud of! I will gladly recommend your services to my friends and family. — Pat S.

After not having been to a dentist in, ummmm… a few(give or take) years, I've felt truly blessed to find an awesome "dental home" here at MDC. You "guys" are THE BEST! Everyone is friendly and helpful, and of course, the care is excellent-PLUS! No worries…no stress!! I can't help smiling when I walk in.....and when I walk out, I'm smiling an even better, HEALTHIER smile! Thanks all!!! :) — Minda M.

Dr. Walker,
I wanted to thank you for your diagnosis on my grinding of my teeth while I slept and treatment of the tooth guard. The results have been exceptional and more then I can ever have hoped for.

I do not have any more tooth or jaw pain that was caused by my unconscious grinding of teeth. I remember the day well when I came into your office complaining of severe tooth pain on my upper right side. At first I thought I had, at best, a bad cavity and at worst an impacted molar. I was not in the best of ways.

You then diagnosed the problem using ice and instruments and x-rays, all came back negative. You then asked the question, "Do you sometimes grind your teeth?" I had to answer that I did, but I actively tried not to. You then asked if I had been under more stress than usual, and again I answered yes.

It was then that you explained the appliance that you said would take care of the problem. You also said it was not inexpensive, about $500.00.

Well, I am here to tell you that it was the best investment that I have made in a long time. I have been able to sleep better than I have in many years. I suffer from a severe case of post nasal drip that affects my breathing, this has been dramatically reduced while I sleep and the after effects in the morning are greatly reduced. But most of all the tooth pain is gone, not just reduced but gone.

Thank you again for your "Excellence in Dentistry" and your compassion for my pain. — Sincerely, Mark B.

I am so glad that I followed Dr. Walker's suggestion and made the choice to go through orthodontic work with Dr. Haeger and then major additional cosmetic dental work with Dr. Walker when I was in my 50's. As a Church Secretary, I am more comfortable with my appearance as I greet the many people that come into the office. It's also wonderful to feel confident enough now to smile for pictures! Many thanks to Dr. Walker and all his staff for my fantastic new look! — Verna S.

Thanks for the time and attention today. Please express my gratitude to Dr. Steve as well. I really like the attitude of your office and the staff, and your willingness to help me face some of the challenges dental work means for me. I will be very glad to get some of this work underway, as you can see I have a significant investment in my teeth and dental health and I really don't want anything to get too far away from me. I may well decide to do more than this year's benefits allow, and just pay as I go. Your willingness to help me with the issues I have as far as comfort are making me feel brave. Thanks again, and see you Monday. — Jana V.

Dr. Inaba- Just wanted to thank you for the unparalleled care shown by you, Dr. Walker, and your whole team. Having competed against and coached Olympic medalists I've also been fortunate enough to have been worked on by some of the country's best surgeons. But none exhibited the professionalism and service I'm getting at your clinic. -Rob R.

Just wanted to write a short little note thanking you and the entire staff for an outstanding Job. My whole life from the time I was 9 until before my first visit to your office the thought of going to the dentist scared me to the point of shaking and sick to my stomach, I had a very bad experience as a young child and this has stuck with me my entire life. The only reason I came to your office was after a few weeks of mild pain growing into an intolerable pain I had no choice so I went on line and read countless reviews. I kept coming back to your site and decided to just call. From the first call thru that first visit your entire staff from front desk right thru to the Dr Josh, has been wonderful. I explained to Dr Josh my fears and he immediately went to the task of helping me be ok with the entire procedure telling me step by step what was going on and even making me laugh a few times.

If you are reading this now and wondering if this Office is the one trust me it is. I’ve never felt more at home at a Dentist’s. office. You are greeted when you walk in, the staff is friendly and professional, the care you receive is amazing. This team cares about each other and you as the patient and this is clearly felt from filling out your paperwork to having your procedure done. I’m glad to say I’m no longer scared to visit a dentist. THIS OFFICE CARES ABOUT YOU.

Thank you all again. — Lori